1. Sad Actor at The Rickshaw Stop, Saturday August 31st.

    Adrian Discipulo

  2. The Campsite, Portola, and Anaheim Packing House

  3. Tough Stuff, Growing Up is Dumb 2

  4. Hollywood Hills

  5. SJ x LA. Old LA Zoo, August 20th 2014.

  6. Griffith Observatory, August 19th 2014.

    Adrian Discipulo

  7. These cool dudes. Griffith Observatory, August 19 2014

    Adrian Discipulo

  8. Santa Monica Pier, August  18th 2014.

    Adrian Discipulo

  9. Santa Monica Pier, August 18th 2014.

    Adrian Discipulo

  10. Benny The Jet Rodriguez, Growing up is dumb II. August 2nd, 2014.

    Photos by Adrian Discipulo

  11. Cycling day bag. Made and designed by me using an old army duffle bag and rifle sling, with some new materials. 

    Modeled by Sidney H Le

  12. 1945 forever